Study and Stay Entrepreneurship Program is a partnership between EduNova Cooperative Ltd., and Post-Secondary Institutions from across Nova Scotia. The program supports international student entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia through networking, skill development, and resource sharing, to further the success of our growing economy.

Stay, work, and live in Nova Scotia! 




Students who have an interest in entrepreneurship and want to make an impact should highly consider joining the ENACTUS. Using entrepreneurial and innovative mindsets, students, faculty, and local business people work together to transform lives and promote sustainable development.

To find out more about ENACTUS, visit:

Below are links that will direct you to each ENACTUS society webpage at the following institutions:

Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre

At multiple schools within Nova Scotia, some will have Entrepreneurship Centers. These Centers are there to provide students with support services to individuals wanting to start and grow businesses. Through consulting, training, and mentoring, students can cultivate their ideas and build connections with professionals in their field.


The Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre is committed to supporting rural entrepreneurs. By providing advisory, training, and professional development, and incubation services, the Centre aims to help businesses grow and reach their goals. Whether it be individuals or teams, the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre welcomes all.


Launch Box

Launch Box is the place for students at Acadia University to tap into their entrepreneurial mindset, develop and hone their problem-solving skills, and creative thinking techniques in demand by leading employers and applicable to real-world problems.


Accessible to students of all fields of study, participants have access to networking, access to mentors, entrepreneurs, working space, events, and competitions.


Norman Newman Entrepreneurship Centre

The Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship aims to promote entrepreneurship through innovative curriculum, applied research and working collaboratively with external resources (outreach).


Dal Innovates

DAL Innovates provides opportunities for students and faculty at Dalhousie University and other Atlantic Canadian institutions. These individuals can explore and experience innovation and entrepreneurship and develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to translate new ideas into innovations.



Path2Innovation (P2I) is a three-day program open to graduate students, faculty and post-docteral individuals throughout Atlantic Canada. Participants will be able to explore the value of entrepreneurial thinking as a means of developing careers and advancing research, innovations and ideas into impacts.



The Lab2Market Program is a 16-week program to help researchers validate their ideas with the purpose of finding business and/or commercial value.



Ready2Launch is a summer accelerator for students and researchers who are determined to grow their ventures. Through this accelerator program, students will be able to learn to find funding opportunities for their venture. They will also be able to cultivate and develop their leadership skills, improve their business understanding and abilities, learn to run and grow their business.


For students interested in Ready2Launch, they can check out the Info Package.

RBC Centre for Women in Business

The RBC Centre for Women in Business aims for providing women the chance to develop and enhance their entrepreneurial skill sets by providing mentoring and learning opportunities needed to succeed in the field.


MSVU Spark Zone (co-ed)

The Spark Zone Ignition Program is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship across different post-secondary institutions, including Mount Saint Vincent University. Spark Zone provides participants (both students and community members) with opportunities to create and innovate business ideas through coaching and consulting services, workshops, conferences, and other networking events. Individuals will also have the chance to compete in pitch competitions.

Click here to register for Spark Zone

The Creative Entrepreneurship Lab

The Creative Entrepreneurship Lab at NSCAD provides the opportunity for artists and designers to create a sustainable business. Students who participate in this program have access to workshops, advisory services, financial advising, mentoring, and access to networking events. Along with this, the Creative Entrepreneurship Lab’s sponsor-TD Bank group provide a program these students. The TD Financial Literacy Program for Creative Entrepreneurs allows NSCAD student entrepreneurs to gain more insight into topics such as:

  • Market Analysis and Business Models
  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Financing
  • Investment
  • Risk Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Mentorship
  • Network-Building


To learn more about the program, students can visit the school’s website or email them at

Success at Schwartz

Working collaboratively the STFX Gerald Schwartz School of Business and Health and Wellness Centre, business students are provided with resources to help them succeed in their program. Some services accessible to students are:

  • Instruction and coaching on correct and compelling business writing
    • i.e., case study reports and full business plans
  • Assistance with professional communication
    • email correspondence
    • presentation development and delivery

To book an appointment, students can do so by visiting the Success at Schwartz webpage here.


Schwartz School of Business


Schwartz Women in Business Society

One of the most well-known societies at STFX, the Women in Business Society provides career development and recruitment opportunities for all business students. This society also hosts events that support diversity, gender equality, and educate on the topic.

Saint Mary’s Entrepreneurship Centre (SMUEC)

The Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Centre creates opportunities to connect students with businesses through training, mentorship, coaching and consulting activities. With a focus on growth, innovation and cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset, the Centre is committed to helping the Atlantic Canadian economy grow and prosper.



Starting Point

The Starting Point Student Entrepreneurship Conference brings together entrepreneurial students from post-secondary institutions from across Atlantic Canada. Students will get to attend guest speaker events, gain insight from experts in their field, and earn for their business by taking part in a pitch competition.

Spark Zone Ignition

A Sandbox Ignition 12-week program offering resources to students developing and testing ideas and launching entrepreneurial ventures. Students are given the chances to hone their entrepreneurial skills and tap into their innovative mindset. A variety of events are hosted throughout the year at which students connect with like-minded peers, potential mentors, and industry experts.

To participate, you must be a student at any post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia.

Participants will have access to the following:

  • Mentorship
  • Roundtables
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Price: $20 per session attended
  • Networking opportunities
  • Building business ideas


Entrepreneurial Mindset Certificate

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Certificate is a free training program offered to students attending Saint Mary’s University. The program aims to help students adopt an entrepreneurial mindset through workshops where students will develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills, cultivate, and build ideas.

International Student Think Tank

The Saint Mary’s Entrepreneurship Centre (SMUEC), partnered with the V-Care International Student Success Society to launch the International Student Think Tank Program. This is a seven-month program which aims to engage international students and help them learn about the local business community.

Students who are accepted into the International Student Think Tank will:

  • Receive 1 week of in-class training and workshops.
  • Apply and compete to work on the consulting projects for 5 local businesses, solving the businesses’ issues with fresh perspectives and skills. Students will provide these companies with insight and access to new markets.
  • Participants will receive ongoing coaching and additional training throughout the duration of the projects.


To apply for the program, click here.


CUBE is a part of the Nova Scotia Sandbox Program, aiming to support and cultivate entrepreneurial mindsets. There are multiple CUBE programs within the province, Saint-Anne’s focusing on Bio-Innovation. Post-secondary students from any field of study are welcome to join the Cube initiatives and are encouraged to work collaboratively while inspiring each other. With Saint-Anne’s being a bilingual school, they also offer many of their activities and sessions in both French and English.

Student Life

For new and returning students attending school at post-secondary institutions in Nova Scotia, they do have the option of following up with their school’s health plan or opting out of it and choosing an alternative.

To find out more regarding each school’s Health Plan, click on any of the preferred links below:

Having a Nova Scotia Identification Card is highly recommended for students coming to study and stay in the province. This card will have your date of birth and your picture. In situations you may be required to provide valid pieces of identification, these cards are very useful.

Identification Cards can be obtained through from Service Nova Scotia division of Access Nova Scotia. This card will be valid for 5 years, after which you will need to renew it.

IMPORTANT: Application for an ID Card must be done in-person.

The following are required to obtain your ID Card:

– Passport with a valid study permit
– Student ID card
– $17.70 (fee for the card)
– An additional piece of identification (I.e., a passport or a bank card with a signature)


Accepted Documents

Learn More


A study permit gives students permission to study in Canada for more than six months. To apply for a study permit you will need to contact the nearest Canadian Visa Office with the following pieces of information:

  1. Acceptance letter to your post-secondary institution
  2. A valid passport
  3. Proof of financial support (I.e., bank statements, scholarship letters etc.)

It can take up to 6 months to receive your permit (however it typically takes 4-8 weeks). Since the process can take a while, it is recommended to begin applying for your study permit as soon as possible after receiving your acceptance letter from your school.

Having a study permit alone will not get you into Canada. You will also need to have Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

Access specific information about your chosen institution

On-Campus Housing

All institutions provide students with access to some on-campus housing. Resident building profiles and details are accessible to students on the designated school’s web pages.

There, you can find information regarding:

  • Residence building sizes
  • Room options
  • Meal plans
    Amenities in residence
    Fees per semester

Off-Campus Housing

If choosing to stay off-campus, some schools will have separate housing options for students that are not a part of the formal residence buildings on-campus.

Each institution has information posted regarding off-campus housing options.

Each institution provides students with a webpage on the school website with lists of all internal and external scholarships and bursaries. Deadlines and criteria for edibility are provided along with brief information about the awards.

Go to the Financial Aid page of your chosen institution​

Nova Scotia offers  many different options for students to work in Canada. 

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If you still require further information or personal assistance please contact us here.

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